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Transfer music from your iPod to the PC

The only thing I don't like about my iPod is the fact that I can't copy music from it to the computer. But you know what, this is about to change!

With iCopyExpert you can read the contents of your iPod and transfer any song from the device to the computer, saving it to a specific folder or directly to your iTunes library.

iCopyExpert has a very simple interface, and simple features as well. Once you plug your iPod, the program will display its contents on the main interface area, and a list of categories (playlists, albums and artists) on the left sidebar. Transferring songs to the computer with iCopyExpert is as easy as selecting them with the mouse and clicking the corresponding button on the top toolbar – or using the context menu.

iCopyExpert doesn't really offer anything else. It's simple and straightforward. While this simplicity may appeal to some users, I still missed having a built-in player – and of course, being able to read Mac-formatted iPods as well, and not only Windows ones.

With iCopyExpert you can easily copy songs from your iPod to your computer.


  • Simple to use
  • Music categorized by album and artist
  • Can transfer music to folders or to iTunes


  • No built-in player
  • Doesn't work with Mac-formatted iPods

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iCopyExpert 3.1.2 for PC

User reviews about iCopyExpert

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    ICopy Expert does not honor its committment.
    The product is very good...It does exactly what it says. I had no problem installingMore

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